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Ever wondered what it would be like to chat with your favorite costreamer in real time? To have them see your face & interact with you? To share your thoughts about your favorite foods or even seek love advice? As a Streamer did you ever wonder what your audience wanted to see more of?  Well at EME we have got the answer, its called WRISTBAND!

At EME we know that our live streamers are an essential part of the community. We wanted to make sure that our live stream viewers had a chance to interact with our streamers in a more intimate & engaging way. So we developed a feature called “Wristband” where viewers can actually costream with their live streamer. Its simple, just follow the steps below.

As a Streamer:

  • Start A wristband auction

  • Once auction has started, your live stream audience will have the opportunity to send gifts to have a chance to co-stream with you. 

  • The top 3 contributors will be allowed 15 minutes of live co-stream privileges with you where you can talk about anything you all desire.

  • As a Viewer:

    Once wristband auction has started, quickly send you live streamer a gift! But keep in mind this is an auction & only the top 3 contributers will earn a spot on the co-stream. We have a live tally that is viewable to you will see if you are currently placed in the top 3.

    *Co-Stream will last for 15 minutes

    ** Co-streamers will have the oppurtunites to send more gifts during the last minute to contue co-streaming without interruption

    *** If co-streamer does not send gifts within that last minute, the auction for that particular co-streamer will reopen where other viewers will then have the oppurtunity to join the stream as a co-streamer.

    Thank you for being a part of the EME community!

    With love,


    Questions or concerns? Reach out to us at

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