It’s better to give…

Here at EME Hive we have a number of ways you can engage with our live streamers. 

One way is to like thier stream by pressing the heart icon on the bottom of the screen. This lets the streamer know in a subtle way that you like what you are seeing.

Press “❤️” to send a like

Another way is to to send the streamer a message. This way they can see & read your comment. They will know exactly who sent it and maybe they will start a dialogue with you!

Type a message for the streamer to see

But the best and most effective way to gain the attention & love from our streamers is to send DIAMOND GIFTS! This allows the entire live stream to know how much you enjoy and appreciate the streamer. This will certainly make a mark and let the streamer feel loved. An added bonus to send a gift is that you can potentially join the live stream as a co-streamer (if streamer has auction set up). Then you could find yourself being able to live video chat with the streamer in real time! The possiblities are endless!


Thank you for being a part of the EME community!

With love,


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