Everyone needs a Co-Star!

Ever wanted to talk to a live streamer in real time? Ask their opinions? Answer your questions you have had for them all this time? Well there’s a solution we’ve provided for you. It’s called a “wristband”, that will allow you to co stream with your favorite live streamers!

Its simple, just follow these steps 

As a Live Streamer

  • Start a Live Stream + press wristband icon (best practice to do when you have active live viewers on your stream)
  • Then you will see this pop up illustrating the rules for a wristband auction
Press “Start the Bid” to activate auction for your live stream viewers

As A Live Stream Viewer

  • Now the Auction will be live!
  • So as a live stream viewer, here is your chance to send the streamer gifts to make it as a co-streamer!
Here is where your viewers can make their bids to co-stream with you by sending gifts

  • Lastly, Enjoy Co-streaming with your viewers!
*Live Co-Stream lasts for 15 min, then an additional auction will reappear where your viewers can bid again

Thank you for being a part of the EME community!



Questions or concerns? Reach out to us at hello@emehive.com

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