EME Community Points!

Why join a community? How will it benefit my experience? W HAVE THE ANSWERS!

At EME Hive communities are a part of our foundation when it comes to live streaming. There’s nothing like the power of others to help lift an entire group up. Outside of the communal aspect of joining a community; there are also in app perks that give it added value. So here is a brief summary:

As a new User

Community Onboarding - Show description on clicking Copy 10
  • You can join a already existing community
  • Or you can create your own!

Boost your Community

  • Invite to people to join your community to gain Community Points!
  • There are weekly prize winners for those communities that gain the most points!

Community Action Chart

  • Listed below are actions you can take to boost your community profile
  • Take these actions to make it to the top & maintain your position
  • Don’t forget to invite as many people as possible to your community!
Invite to community (external)Community gets points when those people invited to create an EME account and join that specific communityLarge500/invite
Send/Receive giftGet points per diamondMedium10 per diamond
WatchingCommunity receives points for each milestone of live watch time by a viewer.Small10 per instance
StreamingPoints every 5 mins of live streamingSmall1 per instance
ChattingGet points for the first chat you send of the daySmall15 per instance
ShareShare live room/community to your Social NetworkSmall20 per share
Membership MilestonesCommunity unlocks points for crossing certain membership thresholdsLarge20-100 per instance

Thank you for being a part of the EME community!



Questions or concerns? Reach out to us at hello@emehive.com

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