New Gender Update!

iOS 4.2.10 & Android

In our ongoing efforts to make EME more inclusive environment, we have included new gender updates! No longer will users have to choose between just Male & Female. We have added options for those who identify as Trans-Male, Trans-Female, and Non Binary. This option is both available during sign up as a new user & also as an existing user.

Existing User Experience

For our dating users we have also updated our options that allow you now to search for Male, Female, Trans-Male, Trans-Female, and Non Binary users. No longer will you have to choose just one gender to match with!

We ask & encourage you to give us feedback on how we can improve our environment to make it even more inclusive. Please reach out to us here with any questions and/or concerns as we have made this a top priority here at EME.

We have also enhanced performance and fixed bug issues for both iOS & Android. Thank you for being a part of the EME community!



Questions or concerns? Reach out to us at

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