Asian Dating App Connects Together Millions Of Asian Singles

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Asian dating App EME Hive in a Nutshell: 

The Asian dating app EME Hive has set the standard for online dating and is on a mission to create happy, passionate, and fulfilling relationships.

EME Hive is an exclusive Asian dating app dedicated to connecting Asian and Asian American singles who now have a safe place to meet and mingle with other like-minded people.

Whether it’s connecting over shared interests or beliefs, EME Hive members have the advantage of focusing on Asian dating when using the app.

The dedicated team at EME Hive strives to help Asian singles with their dating lives by implementing innovative features, including free livestreaming.

There are thousands of online dating apps available for singles to find love and/or new relationships. Dating doesn’t have to be a long process when you’re in the right environment.

Thanks to niche dating networks, singles nowadays can explore which dating app will satisfy their desires, needs, and comfort level. 

About EME Hive

EME Hive app was designed to help meet the cultural-matching needs and expectations of the Asian community. It was founded by CEO and serial entrepreneur, Mariko Tokioka. 

The idea for EME Hive sparked in 2013 just as Mariko was on the hunt to find her perfect guy.

It was important to Mariko that her prospective match share a similar culture as hers, but she struggled for quite some time to find someone worthy of being introduced to her parents.

She tried the online dating scene but soon discovered that there weren’t any sites that catered to the specific preferences that the Asian community shared. That is when she decided to take control of her situation.

The EME Hive team pays close attention to the needs and individual identities of its members.

EME Hive believes that members deserve the best of everything – and that includes a well-matched partner.

The team uses a proprietary matching system to customize one-on-one matches every week.

This process increases the chances that members will meet their special someone sooner and with little to no stress.  

When matching people, EME takes into consideration certain factors such as how long members have been in the country, their language, and religion. All of this contributes to creating better matches and a more enjoyable experience for everyone.  

The EME Hive team said: “EME Hive is exclusively dedicated to Asian dating. The user profile options are catered to the Asian American community and provide in-depth detail about other users. We are committed to assisting Asian singles everywhere in their search for a lasting relationship.” 

Creating Real-Time Romance Through Innovative Features

Dating sites are becoming more creative in how people can interact with one another online. This is beneficial for most singles because the world is changing and so is the way people are dating.

EME Hive members are set up for success with the app’s innovative features. EME Spokesperson, Andy Wong told us that members have free access to unlimited search, smile, and initial message features.

If members wish to unlock more features, they can upgrade their membership and purchase a subscription.

This allows members to have access to see and send messages from potential matches. 

EME members can also enjoy a livestreaming experience at no charge. EME Hive is the first Asian dating app to move into livestreaming.

Andy said that users love this feature because it’s a good incentive to advertise their streams.

Members can also pay to co-stream with fellow streamers and friends. By doing so, members can make money while getting to know other members.

“To think that if I hadn’t streamed on EME, I would have never met David—someone I am now working with to build a future together and reach great heights.

I am grateful for the live stream community on EME for the friendships I’ve made and for my relationship with David.

I often speak about this because live streaming is more than just talking to strangers—it is a little community.

Friendships are created by getting to know your viewers every day,” shared Binh, an EME member in a testimonial. 

Just like Binh and David, many users of the EME Hive community have found love on the site.

According to the EME Hive team, records show that among the Asian population in North America, 154,217 members have found partners so far. 

Asian Dating Tips for International Singles

Andy told us that members tend to come to the EME Hive for three reasons: dating, entertainment, and a sense of community.

EME Hive users are mostly Asian Americans who are between the ages of 20 and 30 years old.

Although the Asian dating app is used for more than one purpose, most users are looking for serious romantic relationships. 

Knowing that dating has its fair share of challenges, the EME Hive provides dating tips on how members can be successful at dating.

These tips include how to navigate between dating an Asian single versus an Asian American single.

The team acknowledges that first-generation Asian Americans may have different cultural views than someone whose family has been in the United States for generations.

Apart from the EME Hive team, success stories also serve as a great way to motivate and help singles feel optimistic about using the app.

Members can use the shared tips in these stories to make the most out of their experience. 

The EME Hive couple, Carolyn and Hanh, realized their relationship blossomed when they decided to put everything on the table and could see the potential in each other. They advise other potential EME Hive couples to do the same thing. 

“Take the risk. You must put yourself out there and challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone. There is somebody out there for you, you just have to be patient.

Be honest with yourself when you’re creating your profile. If you keep putting up barriers, no one’s going to get to know the real you,” advised Carolyn and Hanh in a testimonial. 

EME Hive Exhibits the Power of Community

I like to believe that there is beauty and power in having a strong community. When surrounded by like-minded people, it makes your journey in life a whole lot easier. And just like the Beyhive, EME Hive has a devoted community as well. 

According to the EME Hive team, one of the main reasons the EME Hive stands out from other Asian dating app is that it has developed a unique community. EME focuses on key matching components to ensure that members end up with a successful relationship.

Creating a space where people share common interests and backgrounds expedites the dating process for a lot of singles on the app. 

What began as an Asian woman’s novel concept has turned into the number one premier Asian dating app. Even with 154,000+ happy partners under its belt thus far, EME Hive plans to help create more relationships in the future.

Andy told us that the team will continue to try to push the boundaries of online dating and set new trends with out-of-the-box thinking. 

“From our original scope, we’ve evolved to serve a larger purpose: to empower and showcase the diversity of the Asian American community through meaningful connections,” said Andy.

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