Asian Dating Tips: 10 Game-Changing Thoughts for 2024

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I feel so fortunate to have a wonderful Asian wife. Reflecting on our initial date, it became clear to me that I have made numerous missteps – the kind you’d categorize as dating blunders. Time for some Asian dating tips.

From attempting to impress her with my cultural knowledge, and even trying to initiate a public kiss.

“That doesn’t sound like you did something wrong?” You might ponder.

wrong emphasis

But I committed major faux pas in the realm of Asian dating.

With Western dates, public displays of affection and flirting, including a kiss, are sometimes acceptable. However because Asian dating is highly influenced by culture and behaviors, a different approach is needed.

Navigating Cultural Nuances in Asian Dating

In the realm of Asian dating, cultural understanding becomes a cornerstone for fostering meaningful connections. Even if you are Asian, you might not be aware of how this affects your dating chances due to Western influences while growing up in the US.

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Here are key aspects to consider:

Implicit Communication: In many Asian societies, indirect communication is often preferred, where the emphasis is on non-verbal cues, body language, and facial expressions. Going early with the kiss when trust has not been established could end your chances.

Non-Confrontational Approach: Many Asian cultures value harmony and avoid direct confrontation. Sometimes, they are viewed as submissive.

As a result, individuals may choose to communicate disagreements or concerns more diplomatically and tactfully. Understand this to have better communication with your potential partner.

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Group Orientation: Asian cultures tend to move around the groups. Asian dating tips: If you want to date someone, consider group dates first and find out more about the person you are interested in.

Listening as Respect: Active listening is highly valued in many Asian cultures as a sign of respect. Individuals may show attentiveness through nods, maintaining eye contact, and providing thoughtful responses. Patience and attentiveness in conversations are key components of effective communication.

If only I had these insights on our first date! That’s why I’ve created this lifesaving list of tips for dating Asians.

Give each tip a double take and make yourself a promise – no more date mishaps in your future!

Asian Dating Tips #1 Let’s Talk Manners, Shall We?

jackie chan bowing

Ever noticed the remarkable politeness of Asian people? It’s ingrained in the upbringing, where respect and good manners are non-negotiable. I can honestly say I’ve never witnessed an Asian chewing like a bear with an elbow on the table – maybe I’ve just been lucky.

When it comes to dating Asian women, manners take center stage. Sure, it’s important in dating in general, but there’s an extra layer of significance when you’re with someone raised in a culture. So eat gently and give out an aura of kindness and chivalry.

Asian Dating Tips #2 Get Ready to Take the Lead in Conversations

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Asian women often tend to be shy, really shy. Unlike Western dating norms where prolonged silent stares may indicate disinterest, it’s a different ballgame in Asia. They might take some time to warm up. Be patient, let her ease into the conversation, and take the lead in keeping the talk flowing until she feels at ease in your company.

#3 The Right Time for a Kiss

An asian couple kissing

Should you kiss her? Definitely! But here’s the catch: avoid doing it in public. I get it, in the movies, it’s totally normal to go for the kiss at the train or bus station, but trust me, not the best move here.

Kissing in public is a common slip-up I’ve seen guys make, and it’s kind of cringe-worthy. Picture this: he leans in for the kiss, and she awkwardly turns away. The thing is, it’s not that she doesn’t want the kiss—she does. It’s just that her cultural background nudges her to react that way.

So, here’s the game plan: save the smooches for when you’re in a more private setting, like your place. Or when no one is around and the mood is right. You’ll thank me for it!

#4 Avoid the Ni Hao, Konnichiwa, Annyeonghaseyo, Xin chào

a chinese guy waving

I get it. You might be trying to connect or impress her by using their language, but let me tell you, a simple “Hello” won’t do the trick. It’s the most standard greeting, and it won’t leave a lasting impression.

Asian women, like anyone else, are tired of people trying to act like something they’re not, especially when it comes to cultural nuances. Asian dating tips: So, steer clear of generic greetings and focus on genuine connections instead.

Asian Dating Tips #5 Pay For The First Date

debit card

In Chinese culture, there’s a traditional expectation for men to cover the expenses on the first date. This gesture signifies a concern for the woman’s time and showcases financial stability. Here are our Asian dating tips, it’s advisable to foot the bill for the initial encounter.

However, it’s crucial not to establish a pattern of exclusively covering expenses on subsequent dates, as this may foster dependency and attract individuals seeking financial gain.

While there may be societal expectations, it doesn’t mean you are obliged to follow them. Consider surprising her by expressing that it’s a personal rule. Confidently communicating your perspective demonstrates self-assurance and minimizes concerns about a negative reaction.

#6 Watch Some Asian Dramas and Follow The Main Lead’s Romantic Gestures

asian dating tips, watch some k-drama

Asian dramas and anime have exploded in popularity in the US. That has started to change the perception of Pan-Asian identity.

While watching these Asian dramas and anime, have you ever noticed the fairytale vibes ? It’s like clockwork – a storyline with a down-to-earth girl falling for a wealthy guy, complete with subtle romantic gestures from the main lead.

To make an impression, channel your inner romantic and gentleman. Asian women often appreciate a touch of fairytale romance, so consider thoughtful gifts and flowers to show your appreciation.

However, it’s not just about grand gestures. Take the time to understand them and give the relationship the space to grow. Remember, it’s about creating your own unique love story, inspired by those captivating dramas.

#7 Use Humor, Even Dorky Ones Can Work

barack obama making a funny face

While humor is universal, Asians particularly appreciate a good laugh, whether it’s a classic Dad joke or a cheesy one—just look at the popularity of the rizz trend.


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♬ original sound – EME Hive Official – EME Hive Official

And let’s not forget the sidesplitting Japanese and Taiwanese comedy variety shows!

If humor isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry. Asian dating tips: You can always brush up by checking out some jokes on YouTube. The key is not to force it—let the vibe of the situation guide your jokes. Timing is everything, so when the moment feels right, sprinkle in some humor to lighten the mood and impress your date.

#8 Skip The Chilli

an asian biting a chili

Just a heads-up: a lot of Asian dishes pack some serious heat. If you’re not into spicy food, no worries! Seriously, it’s totally okay. You don’t need to prove you’re the spice champion. Trust me, your stomach will thank you later.

Most places can whip up a non-spicy version for you. So, no need to play with fire and risk turning your delightful date into a bathroom marathon just to prove a point. It’s just not worth it! Skip the chili, enjoy your meal, and save yourself from any unexpected, uh, adventures.

#9 Pay The Compliments

asian dating tips by giving compliments

Asian girls have this amazing charm, and they put in effort to look fantastic with their unique sense of style. When your date takes the time to look stunning for your date, make sure to compliment her.

Go beyond the usual like “You have nice shoes” – get personal, acknowledge her individuality and the effort she’s put in. Looking for the best in others has a way of bringing out the best in you, so spread those positive vibes!

#10 Get With The Times, Drop Stereotypes

crushing stereotypes

There’s this old stereotype floating around that Asian women are all about being submissive and serving, especially in the kitchen. But guess what? Times have changed! Many Asian women embrace the Western ideals of equality between men and women.

So, if you’re eyeing an Asian woman who thinks she’ll fit the traditional mold, you might want to change that bias.

Well, if she’s been living in Western countries for a while, chances are she’s rocking a lifestyle pretty similar to any American or European woman. People are diverse, and assumptions can be way off the mark!

#11 Bonus Tip – When You Pass Her Test

asian dating tips dealing with asian parents

So she is taking you to meet her parents. In the West, this is usually a pretty casual affair. Now, for Asians, it’s a whole different ball game – it’s like a neon sign that your relationship just hit serious mode. A quick tip: nail the gift game. Gift-giving is a big deal in Asian culture, so make it count. Go for something that screams thoughtful, not a last-minute grab. And whatever you do, never show up empty-handed. It’s like the golden rule of meeting the parents!

Get Ready For Dating In 2024

Ready to ace your game in 2024? These Asian dating tips are your secret weapon, but hey, we’re all about having your back. If you find yourself craving more wisdom or wanting to dive deeper into the world of relationship finesse, shoot an email over to Tracy, our savvy relationship advisor who can be reached at Your journey to relationship excellence just got a whole lot more exciting.

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